The Dallas Cowboys’ Horrible Inaugural Year — 1960

by Paula Bosse


by Paula Bosse

Thanksgiving means different things to different people. For some it’s about spending time with family, for some it’s about ingesting an unimaginable amount of good food, and for others it’s all about watching the Cowboys game.

Here’s a look back at the inaugural season of the Dallas Cowboys, 1960:

  • Head coach: Tom Landry.
  • Home field: Cotton Bowl.
  • Results: 0 wins, 11 losses, 1 tie.
  • They were ranked last in the Western Conference.
  • They had the worst record of any team in the NFL that season.

The team got better, but as far as the Cowboys, there was absolutely nothing for Dallas to be thankful for that year — except that they’d never have to re-live Season 1 again.


Yep, Wikipedia. Read it and weep, sports fans.


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