Year-End List! My Favorite (Non-Photo) Images Posted in 2014

by Paula Bosse

dozier_big-tex_sketchbook_1954_dma“Old Tex” sketch by Otis Dozier, 1954 — Dallas Museum of Art
© Marie Scott Miegel and Denni Davis Washburn

by Paula Bosse

It’s the end of the year, the traditional time for lists! Yesterday I compiled my favorite ads I’ve posted in 2014, today it’s my ten favorite images — either art or postcards (my favorite photographs of the year will be posted tomorrow). For more info on the images, click on the title of the post they originally came from. Most images are larger when clicked — some are quite a bit larger.


1. “Big Tex, Old Tex, Big Ol’ Tex — Whatever You Call Him, Otis Dozier Wins (1954)” (above)

2. “Alexandre Hogue’s ‘Calligraphic Tornado’ — 1970” (also, I want to mention the possibly previously unknown 1927 bookplate by Hogue that I discovered, here)

3. “Dallas’ Frank Lloyd Wright Skyscraper — 1946”


4. “William Lescaze’s Ultramodern Magnolia Lounge — 1936”


5. “J. M. Howell’s Dallas Nurseries — 1880s”


6. “The Marsalis House: One of Oak Cliff’s ‘Most Conspicuous Architectural Landmarks'”


7. “Frank Reaugh or Mark Rothko?”


8. “The Texas Fire Extinguisher Co. and Hitler — 1942”


9. “The Republic National Bank Building: Miles of Aluminum, Gold Leaf, and a Rocket”


10. “When the Flying Red Horse Could be Seen From Miles Away”



Honorable Mention: A whole bunch of cool night-time postcards in “Theatre Row — A Stunning Elm Street at Night.”


And, lastly, a runner-up, just because it’s so ridiculous it makes me chuckle every time I see it: a newspaper artist’s rendition of a massive fire that swept through downtown in 1896, from “Chas. Ott: One-Stop Shopping for Bicycles and Dynamite.”



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