Frank Reaugh or Mark Rothko?

by Paula Bosse

reaugh_meteor_nd_ransom-smu_2“Meteor” by Frank Reaugh (undated)

by Paula Bosse

This is a wonderful (and very uncharacteristic) work by Frank Reaugh, the pastelist who is known for his depictions of cattle and longhorns. Reaugh (1860-1945) lived and taught in Oak Cliff, and his small, delicate, impressionistic works in pastel are not only highly collectible, but are also a glimpse of the waning days of the open, unfenced Western Plains. The word “iconic” is thrown away too much these days, but below is an example of the iconic work of Frank Reaguh.

reaugh_gray-hill_nd_ransom-smu“Gray Hill and Rain” by Frank Reaugh (click for larger image.)


Both “Meteor” and “Gray Hill and Rain” are undated works from The Frank Reaugh Art Collection, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin. Both works are pastel on paper. (And for those wondering, “Reaugh” is pronounced “Ray.”)

The entire collection can be viewed here.


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