Lively Street Life Outside the Dallas Morning News Building — ca. 1900

by Paula Bosse

dmn-bldg-c1900-degolyer_smuCommerce & Lamar (click for larger image) (DeGolyer Library, SMU)

by Paula Bosse

A photo showing the bustling streets surrounding the newly-expanded Dallas Morning News building, back when it was located at Commerce and Lamar streets. Below, a closer look at turn-of-the-century pedestrian traffic. Click pictures for larger images.


dmn-bldg-det1I love the man on the far left … contemplating posting a few illicit bills?


dmn-bldg-det2Those curbs!


dmn-bldg-det4A woman either stooped by age or bending over to pick something up, a woman with a carpet bag, and a high-off-the-ground buggy which illustrates one reason those curbs needed to be so high.


Photo titled “The Dallas Morning News building, Commerce & Lamar” from the Belo Records 1842-2007 collection, DeGolyer Library, Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University; it can be viewed here.

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