University Park: The Addition — 1916

by Paula Bosse

university-park_dmn_0625161916 ad (click for larger, slightly more legible image)

by Paula Bosse

Mr. M. M. Garrett of the Dallas Trust & Savings Bank wants you to know some facts about the University Park Addition:

  • LOCATION. University Park Addition is due north of Dallas on the Preston Road.
  • SURROUNDINGS. University Park overlooks the city of Dallas and faces a perpetual park in the grounds of Southern Methodist University.
  • IMPROVEMENTS. University Park today represents over $350,000.00 worth of improvements in streets, sidewalks, curbs, trees, water supply, sewerage, gas and beautiful homes.
  • RESTRICTIONS. University Park is under perpetual restrictions of its own, thereby guaranteeing proper building construction and permanent value.
  • EDUCATION. University Park families will be able to send their children from kindergarten to post-graduate diploma within four blocks of home.
  • PRICE. University Park property at from $20 to $50 a front foot is the best realty investment of its kind in the Southwest.



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