Get Your “Flying Merkel” at the Texas Motorcycle Co. — 1911

by Paula Bosse

tx-motorcycle-co_flying-merkel_dallas-high-school_yrbk_1911“All shaken to pieces?”

by Paula Bosse

I might have bought a Flying Merkel in 1911 for the name alone.

The Texas Motorcycle Company was at 1605 Commerce. This ad is from 1911, but see what that block of Commerce looked like two years later in the detail of a larger photo, below. The motorcycle company was next to Worley’s, in the building with the Knight Tires/Stutz Auto signs.


Imagine two years before: Commerce would have been filled with Flying Merkels on test drives, zipping in and out of traffic!


Sources & Notes

Ad from the 1911 Dallas High School yearbook.

Photo is a detail from a larger photo contained in my earlier post “Horses, Carriages, Horseless Carriages — Commerce Street, 1913,” here.

Read about the 1911 Flying Merkel, here.

One of these bikes recently sold for more than $200.000!


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