Dallas’ Mid-Century Skyline

by Paula Bosse

skyline_statler_mercantile_republic_ebayBack then: more sky, fewer parking lots (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Dallas architecture at mid-century: the Mercantile Bank Building, the Republic Bank Building, the Statler-Hilton (from behind!), and … a multi-level parking garage. Dallas is nothing if not a city full of banks, banks (and more banks), flashy hotels, and parking lots. Then and now.


Slightly fuzzy postcard from eBay. The Statler-Hilton (which this postcard identifies as the “Hilton-Statler”) isn’t often seen from behind like this in photos (not really its best side). Other than the three main buildings (and the old library, which is as architecturally cool as the other three), I think that just about everything else in this photo is gone. There are now parking lots (…yay…) where the buildings at the right and at the bottom left are seen — there’s even a parking lot where the parking garage once stood! (Dallas really loves its parking lots.) At least we managed not to tear down the most architecturally significant buildings seen here. (Even though the number of downtown parking spaces could be exponentially increased if we pulled those suckers down and replaced them with multi-multi-story garages!)


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