900 Block of Main, South Side — 1950s

by Paula Bosse

900-block-main_squire-haskins_utaTake a stroll down Main… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

I’m not terribly knowledgeable in photographic techniques, but this appears to be some sort of panoramic shot by noted Dallas photographer Squire Haskins — it looks as if several photos have been joined together. By magic!

UPDATE: No magic, afterall. Here’s the same block from a different view.


These photos show the south side of the 900 block of Main, between Poydras (on the left) and Lamar (on the right). I love this block. So of course it’s now a parking lot which faces the Bank of America behemoth. Times change.

The photos were taken 1952-ish.

900-block-main_1953-directory1953 city directory

1952 Mapsco


Sources & Notes

Photos from the Squire Haskins Photography, Inc. Collection, University of Texas at Arlington; more info on the top photo is here; more info on the second photo is here. Click the thumbnails on the UTA pages to see even larger images. (Thanks to Peter K. for posting the second photo in the Dallas History Guild Facebook group — I recognized that Do-Nut Merchant sign right away! One more Do-Nut Merchant view is here.)

That top photo is really, really big. Click it and scroll!

UPDATE: See a photo of the north side of Main, taken by Squire Haskins at the same time as the photos above in the Flashback Dallas post “900 Block of Main, North Side — 1952.” here.


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