Lakeside Drive, Highland Park

by Paula Bosse

hp_lakeside-drive_rppc_ebayLakeside Drive traffic… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Above is a photo of Lakeside Drive in Highland Park. When I saw the bridge at the left I immediately thought this was Lakeside Park at Lexington Avenue. Lexington would be the street on the right, on the other side of the streetlamp.

Is that some sort of covered seating area at the left, facing the street? This seems too early for bus stops — surely it’s not a jitney stop. (Were jitneys even allowed in Highland Park?) (UPDATE: Aha! It’s the public mineral-water fountain that dispensed the highly mineralized “Gill Well” water. More about this here.)

Here’s the view from the bridge — the waterfall! Lakeside Drive is to the right, out of frame. (UPDATE: Read more about this bridge in the comments below.)


Roughly the same view (but with the bridge across Exall Lake hidden behind trees) can be seen here. A map is here.


Sources & Notes

The photo — probably from the ‘teens? — is by L. J. Higginbotham and is from a real photo postcard titled “Lake Side Drive in Highland Park” — it is currently for sale on eBay, here.

See the Sanborn map from 1921, showing what was in this Lakeside/Lexington area at the time, here.

Every time I magnify the already blurry image, I swear I see a couple of people sitting on the bench under the covered area. But I might be imagining it. Or maybe they’re ghosts. Waiting for a bus.


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