“Dallas Motor Cycle Cops” — 1910

by Paula Bosse

dallas-police_motorcycles_1910_bReady and on the job… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

These photos of the Dallas Police Department’s “Motor Cycle Cops” appeared in a police publication from 1910.  We see them astride their machines, — one in a bowler hat — waiting for their call. Above, the “cops” are identified as B. G. Ford and A. W. Schulz; below, T. R. McSwain and S. R. Dean.


I can’t vouch for the models of the bikes, but this ad for Indian Motorcycles appeared just pages away.



From a book with almost no publication info; it is presented simply as Dallas Police Department (Dallas, 1910). It’s got great photos and can be found on the Portal to Texas History site, here.

By 1951, the DPD’s allegiance had shifted to Harley-Davidson, as can be seen in the post “The Dallas Police Department & Their Fleet of Harleys — 1951,” here.


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