South Ervay & Jackson — 1946

by Paula Bosse

south-ervay_200-block_1946_jim-wheat“Have you had your lemonade today?” (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Above, the intersection of South Ervay (at left, with cars headed north) and Jackson Street (at right, with pedestrians walking east), about 1946. All those little shops…. And look at that cool Sun Drop Lemonade ad painted on the Jackson Street side of the building! Below, that same corner today.




UPDATE: When I posted this photo originally, I thought it showed the southwest corner of S. Ervay and Commerce, but reader Brian Pranger corrected me on Twitter. He is absolutely correct when he suggested that the view is actually the northeast corner of S. Ervay and Jackson (I have corrected the errors above). Just to verify, I found an aerial photo of the intersection from 1935 that shows the building in question. Here is a detail with my clunky labeling (click for larger image):


Thank you, Brian! (And I ALWAYS welcome corrections!)


Top photo from Jim Wheat’s Dallas County, Texas Archives. Wheat estimates the photo was taken around 1946, with the following businesses identified: Modern Finance Co., 204 S. Ervay; South Ervay Barber Shop, 208 S. Ervay; Apex Hotel (probably pretty dodgy, but who wouldn’t want to stay at the “Apex Hotel”!), 208 1/2 S. Ervay; Perfect Hand Laundry & Dry Cleaning, 210 S. Ervay.

“Today” photo from Google street view.

The last image is a detail from a 1935 aerial view of the “Mid-Town Business District,” taken by Lloyd M. Long; it is part of the Edwin J. Foscue Map Library, Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University. SMU’s labeled version of this map can be seen here (the building in question is adjacent to the Allen Building, which on SMU’s map is #38, at the top right — use the zoom function to see all sorts of things!).

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