“A City Built On the Solid Rock of Service” — 1927

by Paula Bosse


by Paula Bosse

Below, a 1927 Dallas Chamber of Commerce ad with some interesting statistics.




The CITY OF PROGRESS invites YOU to share in its PROSPERITY.

DALLAS–in 1900 a town of forty-thousand; in 1927 a city of a quarter million; forty-second in population; third as an agricultural implement distributing point; fifth as a dry goods market; fifteenth as a general jobbing center–the first city of the Southwest, in the fastest growing section of the United States.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are invited to investigate Dallas–a city built on the solid rock of service.


Pretty impressive. And the illustration of a dynamic city on the other side of that viaduct is all but throbbing with energy.

The illustration from a 1929 Chamber of Commerce ad is even less modest: it shows Dallas as the center of the universe, center stage on Planet Earth, lit up by the sun and the giant Klieg lights of space.


I kind of think Dallas has pretty much always seen itself like this.


Sources & Notes

Ads from the 1927 and 1929 editions of The Texas Almanac and State Industrial Guide.


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