Year-End List! Most Popular Posts of 2015

by Paula Bosse

interchange_hwys-67-and-80_THC_flickr_lgY’all loved it: I-30 & Buckner, about 1948 (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

The final Flashback Dallas post of the year — and the last list! Today: the most popular posts of 2015, as determined by the number of hits to the website. I’m so happy that the blog continues to attract new readers, because I’m still excited to write each new post, even after two years of what some might consider excessive posting! Thanks to everyone who reads, “likes,” shares, and comments on the posts, here, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter! Thanks for a great (and surprisingly productive!) 2015, and let’s all have an even better 2016!


Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

1. thumb_interchange_hwys-67-and-80_THC_flickr_sm “THE 67-80 SPLIT NEAR MESQUITE — ca. 1948.” This one has me stumped. I mean, it’s a cool photo (it’s at the top of this post — click it to see a super-gigantic image), but its crazy popularity has been completely unexpected. It became the top post of the year after only a couple of days — it was posted less than three weeks ago, and it’s still going strong. Perhaps I need to focus more on the Buckner/R. L. Thornton area more! By FAR, the most popular post and photo of the year!

2. thumb_construction_jan-1925 “THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR ROSS AVENUE’S DOWNTOWN MANSIONS — 1925. A look at the beautiful and imposing homes that once stood in the block of Ross Avenue, now replaced by the Dallas Museum of Art and First United Methodist Church. This is another post which was surprisingly popular, posted in November and still racking up hits daily.

3. thumb_water-detention-vault “COLE PARK WATER DETENTION VAULT.” I found this COOL video when we were in the midst of heavy flooding in the spring, and now I know where all that storm water goes.

4. thumb_male-car-hops_AP_1940 “CARHOPS AS SEX SYMBOLS — 1940.” I had two posts this year which had a life of their own throughout Internetland: this one, about carhops in skimpy outfits, and the one above about, yes, city infrastructure — the alpha and omega of Dallas history.

5. thumb_republic2_parrish_1_1968 “AN INCREDIBLE VIEW FROM REPUBLIC TOWER 2 — 1968.” A collection of several photos taken by a teenager in 1968, all of which are fantastic!

6. thumb_pecan-tree_small “CELEBRATE THE PECAN TREE’S 150th CHRISTMAS!” Our beloved Pecan Tree turned an unbelievable 150 years old this year! Posted only last week, this has been shared more than any other post of mine on Facebook.

7. thumb_ad-funeral-home_mckinney-routh_directory-1929-det “NOT DEAD YET AT McKINNEY & ROUTH.” Yes, you’ve probably dined in this old funeral home at some point over the years….

8. thumb_st-pauls_nursing-stn_1910_utsw_sm “ST. PAUL’S SANITARIUM — 1910.” I love all of the photos of the former Old East Dallas landmark in this post, but there’s one that stands out for me: the photo of the “mattress sterilization room.” Somehow I forgot to include that in my personal favorite photos of the year, so I’ve gone back and added it to that list.

9. thumb_cash-register_ncr_tx-centennial_ragsdale “THE GIANT CASH REGISTER AT THE TEXAS CENTENNIAL — 1936.” Who doesn’t love a giant cash register?

10. thumb_white-rock-station_glen-brewer_062468 “WHITE ROCK STATION.” Didn’t know there was a popular suburban passenger train depot near Jupiter & Kingsley? There was!


Top 3 Posts from 2014 — posts from last year, all of which received more hits in 2015 than they did in 2014!

1.  “THE WORLD’S LARGEST SANTA & THE CHRISTMAS TRAGEDY — 1953.” This was actually the second most popular post of 2015, and will probably leap to the top of the stats every Christmas.

2.  “THE TRINITY RIVER AT THE CITY’S DOORSTEP.” This great photo of the river before it was straightened is justifiably popular!

3.  “THE LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH THAT WARNED OF SIN’S PENALTY WITH A BEAM OF BLUE MERCURY VAPOR SHOT INTO THE SKIES ABOVE OAK CLIFF — 1941.” I’m not exactly sure why, but this old post went crazy this year. This building is still my favorite undiscovered gem in the city.


Still the Most Popular Flashback Dallas Post EVER…

Hard to see how this one will ever be toppled from its throne, originally posted in 2014: “HENRY STARK’S ‘BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF DALLAS’ — 1895/96.”


Thanks again for a fun 2015!

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