Babyface Barrow — 1926

by Paula Bosse

clyde-barrow_with-car_1926_utsa17-year old Clyde Barrow, 1926 (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

These photos of a 17-year old Clyde Barrow belonged to one of Clyde’s first girlfriends, Eleanor Williams, a student at Forest Avenue High School in 1926. For all anyone knew, Clyde was just an ordinary kid who liked to dress up and show off his car. (Or “a” car — he was arrested for stealing his first car the same the year this photo was taken — 1926 — so I’m not sure whose car this actually is….)

clyde-barrow_eleanor-williams_1926_utsaEleanor and Clyde (whose unsubtle attempt to appear taller by standing on … something … is unconvincing and a little ridiculous).

clyde-barrow_1926_utsaSuch a babyface. In a few short years, his name and face would be splashed across the country’s newspapers as Bonnie and Clyde’s violent killing spree made him and Bonnie Parker outlaw celebrities.

clyde-barrow_no-hat_1926_utsaHe looks a lot younger than 17 here.

clyde-barrow_car_1926_utsaThe reverse of both this original photo and the top one — the car photos — have a hand-written “1926” on them as well as the film processing stamp “Finished by The National Studio, 1205 1/2 Elm St., Dallas, Texas.”


Photographs from University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections, Copy and Reuse Restrictions Apply. Photos loaned to UTSA by Henry J. Williams, nephew of Eleanor B. Williams. All photos have “1926” on the back.

The Handbook of Texas entry for Clyde Barrow (1909-1934) is here.

Additional photos of Eleanor Williams can be seen on the Bonnie and Clyde “Texas Hideout” site here.


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