Interurban vs. Streetcar

by Paula Bosse

interurban-vs-streetcarOh dear… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

The interurban’s always gonna win.


I’m not sure what the original source is for this photo, but I came across it on the Northern Texas Traction History Group on Facebook. The electric-powered interurban car is the big red one on the left; the puny (but cute) electric-powered green streetcar is on the right. The view here is looking north on Record, with the Dallas Morning News Building on the left; the WFAA studios are not yet to the immediate right (east). The old Hotel Jefferson is just across Young Street (it used to face Union Station across Houston Street), and in the distance you can see the tippy-top of the Old Red Courthouse, just above the green streetcar. Also, those now-gone smokestacks that were such a fixture on the skyline are straight ahead.

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