Luncheon at The Zodiac Room, Darling

by Paula Bosse

zodiac-room_smFood, fashion, & the unmistakable whiff of Old Money (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Two cool and sophisticated postcards from the cool and sophisticated Neiman-Marcus (although it’s debatable whether the truly cool and sophisticated N-M shopper would, in fact, mail anyone something as bourgeois as a postcard of a department store, Neiman-Marcus or not). Perhaps these were done up for the sizable tourist trade. I love these cards. Commercial art of this period is wonderful.

The description on the back reads: “One of the great dining spots of the Southwest … N-M’s famed ZODIAC ROOM. The superlative food specialties of Director Helen Corbitt and her staff are enjoyed during modeling of fashions a la Neiman-Marcus at luncheon and dinner. Also, tea served daily.”

Below, the Carriage Entrance:

neimans_postcard_c1950s-carriage-entrance-sm(click for larger image)

The description: “‘The Carriage Entrance’ — famous passageway into one of the world’s great specialty stores.”

And another (I’d love to see the whole series of these postcards.) Sadly, no description on this one, featuring a fashionable escalator.


I fear I shall never reach the level of swan-like sophistication needed to become an habitué of The Zodiac Room. Tant pis.


I have no idea where these postcards came from. I’m not sure of the date, either, but … “1950s”? Maybe very early 1960s? Let’s go with “Mid-Century” — everyone loves that! Whenever this was, this was a period when fashion was chic and fabulous. As was Neiman-Marcus. (I still miss that hypen!)

Need to make a reservation at The Zodiac? Info is here.


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