Knox Street, Between Cole and Travis

by Paula Bosse

knox-street_degolyer-lib_SMU_1924Knox in its salad days… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Above, Knox Street looking southeasterly from Travis in 1924. The Ro-Nile Theater (later the Knox Theater) is on the left. Today it is, I think, Pottery Barn Baby (and I think it is the original  building). It directly faces what it now Weir’s Furniture. See what this view looks like today, here.

Below, a snow-covered Knox Street — around 1949 — looking northwesterly, from about Cole. The Knox Theater is on the right. See what this view looks like today, here.


I used to love when Knox was charming and funky. When I drive around this area now, I’m afraid I always end up feeling claustrophobic.


Sources & Notes

Top photo from the DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University; more info is here.


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