Commerce & Ervay, Looking East

by Paula Bosse

commerce-ervay_east_flickr-colteraEven then a busy downtown intersection… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Above, Commerce Street, looking east from Ervay, with the old Post Office/Federal Building on the northeast corner (replaced by the Mercantile Bank Building in the early 1940s). In the background, at the right side of the photo, the Metropolitan Business College, at Commerce and St. Paul.

See a view of Commerce looking west in 1913 — showing the Metropolitan Business College in the foreground and the new Adolphus Hotel a few blocks away, here.

Another eastward-looking view — from about 1895, when the post office was still pretty new — is here.

And the present-day Google Street View of Commerce and Ervay looks like this.


I’m not sure of the original source of this photograph, but I found it on Coltera’s Flickr stream (I didn’t save the link and I can’t find it again). If anyone knows of a sharper image of this photo, I’d love to see it!


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