“Dallas’ Dependable Business Climate” — 1959

by Paula Bosse

ad-business-in-dallas_1959_photo-detThe “D” in “Big D” stands for “dinero”… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

The booming Dallas skyline, captured by Squire Haskins on September 10, 1959, was used in a boosteriffic Chamber of Commerce-y statistics-filled ad.

“It’s exciting to live, do business, make money and grow in Dallas.”



I didn’t note where I found this ad — but it seems like an eBay kind of thing. UPDATE: Found it. This ad appeared in the January, 1960 issue of Fortune magazine. I found it on eBay, here.

As I noted in the comments below, it’s interesting to note that Dallas’ business climate might have been TOO good in 1959/1960. There was such a glut of new office space downtown that developers were having a very, very difficult time finding tenants to fill their shiny new buildings. By September of 1960, The Dallas Morning News estimated that more than one million square feet of empty office space was bedeviling developers. (Click to see larger image.)

DMN, Sept. 11, 1960

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